During the past year 2016 we witnessed the use of different trends in graphic design and web design . Menu “Hamburger” The menu “burger” is not new, but it will increase its use during this year. Its use is basic in mobile navigation , and is also being extended to use in web pages in its version of computer screen, which allows to gain space for other content and generate a more minimalist design. Images “Hero” The so-called “Hero” images are those that occupy the entire screen when we access a page, usually used on the home page of a web. And is that the images constitute a  very powerful resource to capture the attention of the users from the moment they land on the web.


The animations small and subtle have become essential elements in the UX / UI over the past year, as do users get a more interactive and entertaining experience. Loading animations, hovers , animated icons, etc, will be key during this 2017.


The illustrations are fashionable and during this year we will see how they bring personality and character to the web designs while reinforcing the visual identity of the different brands.

Trends that are maintained

Last year we could see some new trends such as material design , infinite scroll or parallax . Well, we will all continue to see them during 2017. The design material adds depth to the flat design making it more realistic for users. Web pages with a very long scroll are ideal for those who have a lot of content and also want to attract users through storytelling .

On the other hand, the parallax combines the images with the animation bringing dynamism to the page, reason why it will continue being very fashionable between the web designers.