If you have a blog , you are likely to have sporadic readers and regular readers, but what you really care about is having them as subscribers . Subscribers are those readers who have accessed the content of our blog and have provided us with their email address so that we send them more updated and personalized content .

Although having many followers in social networks is important, having a good database of your readers’ emails is much more effective.

A person who gives you your data is clearly interested in your company, so it is a potential customer for your activity.

In addition, a list of emails allows you to perform Email Marketing actions , one of the activities within the marketing with greater return on investment .

Offers quality content

The network is saturated with content, so people will pay more attention to the one who is good and who really helps them in what they are looking for. If your content is useful, little by little your list of subscribers will grow.

Free downloadable content

A good way to engage readers is to give them some downloadable material in exchange for your subscription. It can be an eBook, a dossier with specific information, videos, tutorials, etc.

Exclusive information

Many people who subscribe to a blog do it thinking that they will be able to receive certain privileged information. Keep this in mind, and communicate the news through Email Marketing before making them public in your blog, thus encouraging readers to subscribe.

Offers and promotions

If you have an online store or you sell a product or service through your blog, do not forget to make offers, promotions or sales campaigns through your lists of subscribers. On the other hand, make it visible in your blog that the best deals are achieved through the subscription.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Competitions or drawings whose prize is valuable also encourage users to subscribe to certain pages or social networking profiles.