As we commented in our post on tips to look for creativity , one of the most common problems that a designer has is the lack of inspiration.
But the truth is that creativity can be developed throughout life as any other skill.

Look for your inspiration anywhere.

A designer needs to keep his eyes open to his surroundings, because anywhere you can find things that inspire you. Anything, even if you do not believe it, can help you: good design, bad design, music, outdoors, food, etc. It is also important that you keep up to date on news and read related articles in blog to keep you informed about the latest trends in graphic design, web design, marketing, etc.

Avoid routine

Routine often allows us to organize and establish good habits, but at other times can cause us to fall into monotony. That is why it is very important that from time to time we come out of it, and do totally different things that can help us to seek inspiration .

Constant evolution

For the profession of designer it is necessary to be in a constant evolution . Sometimes we get used to doing things in a certain way and we do not try to explore new ways of designing. Instead, we should invest a little time in updating and training ourselves as our environment evolves.

Appreciate details

Sometimes we go too fast trying to meet deadlines and optimize the time to the maximum. But the truth is that sometimes it is important to stand in the dry and observe the details of the work you do. If you get used to looking at everything, little by little you will see that you are able to differentiate details from typefaces, colors, textures, etc. And this will also help you to improve as a designer.

Appreciate the work of your colleagues

Your classmates can become good support and a good source of inspiration . Sharing your problems and your experiences with them can help you a lot in your evolution as a designer.



The beginnings of an internet business such as an online store can be quite hard and slow. Opening an online store requires a lot of effort in promoting the same, as the network is saturated with electronic commerce and websites of all kinds.

1. SEO, organic positioning in search engines

The first few months is difficult to position in search engines because Google is quite hard with new domains and web pages. That is why, working a good SEO is fundamental to improve that positioning web , especially in the long term.

2. Email Marketing

You may not initially have many email addresses for your customers, but as you get subscribers you need to make good email marketing campaigns that help you to retain the customers you get.

3. Social Networks

Use social networks to promote your products and make your online shop reach the maximum number of possible users. That yes, study well your target audience and design your actions based on your target and your real goals .

4. Networking

Join entrepreneurship programs in your city or try to collaborate with other businesses that have interests common to yours. In many cases the union is strong.

5. Influencers

Try to collaborate with a person of interest in the networks, such as a blogger or a professional in your sector. If you get your products or services appear on social networks or on the blog of someone influential you will have much more visibility from the first moment.



And the truth is that Email Marketing is one of the actions of digital marketing with a higher return on investment , so it becomes almost mandatory to use in the development of a campaign.

Avoid falling into spam

The most fundamental of any Email Marketing campaign is to get the email to reach the users inbox and not the spam . To help us with this task, it is good to keep lists of addresses clean and up to date, avoiding emails that do not exist or users who never open your newsletters. Another trick is to design your emails with a balanced content that includes both image and texts, monitoring the weight of the images that we include.

Objective: to achieve openings

To get sales, we first have to open the emails. And for this, there are several tips you can follow:

– Fill in the subject area of the mail with a phrase that makes clear the offer you send.

– Identify yourself clearly, everyone should know who sends the email.

– Segment your audience appropriately, not all offers are just as interesting for all buyers.

Pay attention to the design

Although there is no unique design valid for the creation of newsletters , there are some tips that you must follow so that your email gets better numbers. An important issue is the responsive, making your message fit the device in which the mail is received.

It uses a simple and balanced design, where the images and texts have harmony and everything is readable and easy to understand . As we have already mentioned, be sure to identify yourself and show your contact information . Also do not forget a clear call to action .



If you have a blog , you are likely to have sporadic readers and regular readers, but what you really care about is having them as subscribers . Subscribers are those readers who have accessed the content of our blog and have provided us with their email address so that we send them more updated and personalized content .

Although having many followers in social networks is important, having a good database of your readers’ emails is much more effective.

A person who gives you your data is clearly interested in your company, so it is a potential customer for your activity.

In addition, a list of emails allows you to perform Email Marketing actions , one of the activities within the marketing with greater return on investment .

Offers quality content

The network is saturated with content, so people will pay more attention to the one who is good and who really helps them in what they are looking for. If your content is useful, little by little your list of subscribers will grow.

Free downloadable content

A good way to engage readers is to give them some downloadable material in exchange for your subscription. It can be an eBook, a dossier with specific information, videos, tutorials, etc.

Exclusive information

Many people who subscribe to a blog do it thinking that they will be able to receive certain privileged information. Keep this in mind, and communicate the news through Email Marketing before making them public in your blog, thus encouraging readers to subscribe.

Offers and promotions

If you have an online store or you sell a product or service through your blog, do not forget to make offers, promotions or sales campaigns through your lists of subscribers. On the other hand, make it visible in your blog that the best deals are achieved through the subscription.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Competitions or drawings whose prize is valuable also encourage users to subscribe to certain pages or social networking profiles.



During the past year 2016 we witnessed the use of different trends in graphic design and web design . Menu “Hamburger” The menu “burger” is not new, but it will increase its use during this year. Its use is basic in mobile navigation , and is also being extended to use in web pages in its version of computer screen, which allows to gain space for other content and generate a more minimalist design. Images “Hero” The so-called “Hero” images are those that occupy the entire screen when we access a page, usually used on the home page of a web. And is that the images constitute a  very powerful resource to capture the attention of the users from the moment they land on the web.


The animations small and subtle have become essential elements in the UX / UI over the past year, as do users get a more interactive and entertaining experience. Loading animations, hovers , animated icons, etc, will be key during this 2017.


The illustrations are fashionable and during this year we will see how they bring personality and character to the web designs while reinforcing the visual identity of the different brands.

Trends that are maintained

Last year we could see some new trends such as material design , infinite scroll or parallax . Well, we will all continue to see them during 2017. The design material adds depth to the flat design making it more realistic for users. Web pages with a very long scroll are ideal for those who have a lot of content and also want to attract users through storytelling .

On the other hand, the parallax combines the images with the animation bringing dynamism to the page, reason why it will continue being very fashionable between the web designers.



What are the keys to knowing if your website needs a redesign ? There are currently rapid changes in terms of web design trends and technological advances, so a website must be in continuous adaptation. So if your website already has several months or years of operation and you have not updated it lately, it is possible that the time has come to redesign it.
Your design is no longer current

If you designed your web a few years ago it is possible that what you think the last shout in web design now seems antiquated. Look at how your competitor’s web pages evolve, because if they have been updated, it may be time to think about a redesign.

Your business evolves but your web does not

It is possible that you start your web adventure with a small blog or a small online store, and that little by little your business has been expanding, but your web does not. It is important that in your page or store you transmit the improvements that your business is having.

Your website is not responsive

Maybe when you designed your website did not take into account the responsive, something that today is indispensable. Responsive design makes your website fit all screen sizes, so it can be displayed correctly on computers, tablets and mobile phones. If your web still does not have responsive, it is time to redesign it.

Your website is not WordPress

If your website is not WordPress you should consider redesigning it from scratch. This platform allows you to adapt better to new developments, is simple to use and allows a good positioning in search engines.

Your web is not positioned correctly

If you do not work your positioning you will not be able to be visible to your clients. Perform an SEO audit of your website and plan to redesign it to adapt to new trends.



All designers and creatives have days when it seems that inspiration does not find us. As Pablo Picasso said , inspiration exists but you have to find yourself working , so the best thing you can do is not stop trying.

1. Pay attention to your workspace

Although it may not seem like it, keeping your workspace tidy also helps to sort your mind. Clear your desktop and remove everything that you are not using or not useful for the task that occupies you. Also organize your computer files to have all the material located and classified.

2. Get inspired in the network

Nowadays we can find information on almost anything on the Internet, so it may be a good idea to walk around for platforms like Behance or Pinterest to inspire us with other projects. Of course, be careful not to decentralize your target and not distract yourself by navigating the net aimlessly.

3. Have paper and pencil handy

Sometimes scribbling loose ideas or words that occur to you may be the key to finding the creative solution that we are looking for. Always carry a notebook on it and write down everything you can think of related to the project, you never know when inspiration will come to you!

4. Uses creativity techniques

There are different techniques of creativity: mental maps, analogies, the technique of the 6 hats , etc. But perhaps the simplest is brainstorming. Write down on paper all the ideas that come to you, even if they seem unfeasible, and try to share it with another person. It can give you a new approach and you can discuss the best solution.

5. Change of airs

When a project gets stuck in its creative phase, sometimes it’s best to put it aside, change the air, and resume it when your mind is clearer. That way it will be much easier to be objective and creative.



Ready for the most romantic day of the year? As you know, on February 14th Valentine’s Day is celebrated , a day full of advertising bombings and marketing campaigns with designs full of love and hearts.

Lovers’ day is celebrated around practically all the world, reason why its importance in commercial and advertising level is very relevant. All types of companies take advantage of the target date to launch marketing campaigns with a marked romantic tone, whose main target are couples in love and also usually give very good results.

Valentine’s and graphic design

Currently, the widespread use of the Internet and social networks considerably facilitate the development of advertising campaigns of this nature. The target, as we have said, is very clear: couples of lovers waiting for that day to make a special gift. Instead, more and more brands prefer to look for public alternative targets to create the differentiation that assures them success. Some of these segments are, for example, singles, friends, family or love for oneself.

Some of the resources that can not be missing in a campaign of Valentine are:

– Typical motifs : hearts, cupids, kisses and any typical romantic motif are almost indispensable to connect with the public and make clear what the design is aimed at.

– Original messages : letting go of the most cheesy and traditional messages and betting on others with a cool and fun style is always a good idea.

– Attractive images : we already know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and capturing the attention of consumers through a powerful image ensures that the message of the campaign works and is remembered.

Designing a fun, fresh and original campaign customizing it to the target audience you want to target, will help you achieve your goals.



All current businesses must keep abreast of emerging trends in the field of digital marketing , as well as invest in generating new ideas that bring the brand efficiently to consumers. With the beginning of 2017 we have already been able to know some trends of online marketing and social media for this year .

1. Turn your mobile phone into the hub of your business

During the last few years we have seen how the use of mobile to browse , buy, communicate and have fun has increased exponentially. So much so, that the mobile is already the most used means to move through the network, so it is an essential strategy for your business.

2. Email Marketing Strategy

Just like last year, this e-mail marketing trend continues to be 2017 , as it is a really effective return on investment (ROI) strategy. The trick to this strategy is to know and segment our customers well, as well as being able to provide them with useful, relevant and valuable information.

3. Collect data

Although it may not seem like it, the amount that data we get daily from our consumers across different platforms is really valuable information. Social networks, emails, contact forms, etc., provide us with useful information that we must collect and analyze.

4. Content Marketing

In a world where the network is saturated with content, Content Marketing is the best strategy possible. The content marketing is based on the quality of content that is shared on the Internet, so that attracts audiences and allows us to work a good SEO to get a good rating in the search engines.