All designers and creatives have days when it seems that inspiration does not find us. As Pablo Picasso said , inspiration exists but you have to find yourself working , so the best thing you can do is not stop trying.

1. Pay attention to your workspace

Although it may not seem like it, keeping your workspace tidy also helps to sort your mind. Clear your desktop and remove everything that you are not using or not useful for the task that occupies you. Also organize your computer files to have all the material located and classified.

2. Get inspired in the network

Nowadays we can find information on almost anything on the Internet, so it may be a good idea to walk around for platforms like Behance or Pinterest to inspire us with other projects. Of course, be careful not to decentralize your target and not distract yourself by navigating the net aimlessly.

3. Have paper and pencil handy

Sometimes scribbling loose ideas or words that occur to you may be the key to finding the creative solution that we are looking for. Always carry a notebook on it and write down everything you can think of related to the project, you never know when inspiration will come to you!

4. Uses creativity techniques

There are different techniques of creativity: mental maps, analogies, the technique of the 6 hats , etc. But perhaps the simplest is brainstorming. Write down on paper all the ideas that come to you, even if they seem unfeasible, and try to share it with another person. It can give you a new approach and you can discuss the best solution.

5. Change of airs

When a project gets stuck in its creative phase, sometimes it’s best to put it aside, change the air, and resume it when your mind is clearer. That way it will be much easier to be objective and creative.