The beginnings of an internet business such as an online store can be quite hard and slow. Opening an online store requires a lot of effort in promoting the same, as the network is saturated with electronic commerce and websites of all kinds.

1. SEO, organic positioning in search engines

The first few months is difficult to position in search engines because Google is quite hard with new domains and web pages. That is why, working a good SEO is fundamental to improve that positioning web , especially in the long term.

2. Email Marketing

You may not initially have many email addresses for your customers, but as you get subscribers you need to make good email marketing campaigns that help you to retain the customers you get.

3. Social Networks

Use social networks to promote your products and make your online shop reach the maximum number of possible users. That yes, study well your target audience and design your actions based on your target and your real goals .

4. Networking

Join entrepreneurship programs in your city or try to collaborate with other businesses that have interests common to yours. In many cases the union is strong.

5. Influencers

Try to collaborate with a person of interest in the networks, such as a blogger or a professional in your sector. If you get your products or services appear on social networks or on the blog of someone influential you will have much more visibility from the first moment.