And the truth is that Email Marketing is one of the actions of digital marketing with a higher return on investment , so it becomes almost mandatory to use in the development of a campaign.

Avoid falling into spam

The most fundamental of any Email Marketing campaign is to get the email to reach the users inbox and not the spam . To help us with this task, it is good to keep lists of addresses clean and up to date, avoiding emails that do not exist or users who never open your newsletters. Another trick is to design your emails with a balanced content that includes both image and texts, monitoring the weight of the images that we include.

Objective: to achieve openings

To get sales, we first have to open the emails. And for this, there are several tips you can follow:

– Fill in the subject area of the mail with a phrase that makes clear the offer you send.

– Identify yourself clearly, everyone should know who sends the email.

– Segment your audience appropriately, not all offers are just as interesting for all buyers.

Pay attention to the design

Although there is no unique design valid for the creation of newsletters , there are some tips that you must follow so that your email gets better numbers. An important issue is the responsive, making your message fit the device in which the mail is received.

It uses a simple and balanced design, where the images and texts have harmony and everything is readable and easy to understand . As we have already mentioned, be sure to identify yourself and show your contact information . Also do not forget a clear call to action .