What are the keys to knowing if your website needs a redesign ? There are currently rapid changes in terms of web design trends and technological advances, so a website must be in continuous adaptation. So if your website already has several months or years of operation and you have not updated it lately, it is possible that the time has come to redesign it.
Your design is no longer current

If you designed your web a few years ago it is possible that what you think the last shout in web design now seems antiquated. Look at how your competitor’s web pages evolve, because if they have been updated, it may be time to think about a redesign.

Your business evolves but your web does not

It is possible that you start your web adventure with a small blog or a small online store, and that little by little your business has been expanding, but your web does not. It is important that in your page or store you transmit the improvements that your business is having.

Your website is not responsive

Maybe when you designed your website did not take into account the responsive, something that today is indispensable. Responsive design makes your website fit all screen sizes, so it can be displayed correctly on computers, tablets and mobile phones. If your web still does not have responsive, it is time to redesign it.

Your website is not WordPress

If your website is not WordPress you should consider redesigning it from scratch. This platform allows you to adapt better to new developments, is simple to use and allows a good positioning in search engines.

Your web is not positioned correctly

If you do not work your positioning you will not be able to be visible to your clients. Perform an SEO audit of your website and plan to redesign it to adapt to new trends.